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A weekly podcast about the Portland Timbers, as well as some other stuff.
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Jun 13, 2017

Pat & Pete talk about a very encouraging 2-0 win over Dallas, try to hold back the tears of joy over Valeri's interview in Street Roots, preview a T2/S2 showdown in the USOC 4th round game tonight, and preview next weekend's game against Colorado, the team and also the actual location.  Listen on Overcast! Tweet at us @morrisonicpod or email us at

Jun 5, 2017

Pete & Pat finally get a win to talk about, Pete asks Pat some random questions, Pat recaps being an old dude at a protest and Pete previews Dallas!  On Twitter we are @morrisonicpod and you can email us at

May 30, 2017

Pat & Pete forced themselves to the microphones despite some stuff going on in Portland that really drove home how inconsequential soccer is.  Sorry.  Tweet at @morrisonicpod, email

May 25, 2017

Pete humors pat to record a THIRD take of this week's podcast and keeps it quick by blazing through Montreal before previewing this Saturday's game against Seattle.  Tweet at us @morrisonicpod or email us  You can give us a 5 star review on iTunes but it won't make a damn bit of difference.  Tell your friends!

May 16, 2017

A very sleepy and punchy Pat calls an even sleepier Pete to talk about that stupid game against stupid Atlanta, Merritt bro'ing it up on Twitter, NWSL news round up and previewing Montreal.  If you made it to the ad, you had to listen to Pat vamp for 3 minutes trying to remember the name of Mark Mulcahy's new album The Possum in the Driveway ( THE FACT THAT I AM TIRED AND STUPID DOESN'T NOT DIMINISH HOW GOOD THIS ALBUM IS PLEASE LISTEN TO IT.  Tweet at Pat @morrisonicpod or email us at  Tell your friends to listen, rating us on iTunes accomplishes absolutely nothing, that whole thing is a desperate scam by podcast networks to prove their value to naive talent. Good night.

May 14, 2017

Pete takes the reins and hosts an all stats special episode with Soccermetrics' Howard Hamilton and special co-host, everyone's favorite person to Ask a Ref about, McG!  Pat didn't listen before posting because he was already late getting it uploaded so there's no more information about what's in the episode!  I hope they didn't use any profanity!  Tweet @morrisonicpod or email

May 9, 2017

NOTE: WE LOST THE LAST 5 MINUTES OF THIS POD BECAUSE PAT IS AN IDIOT.  Pat helps Pete in his convalescence by talking about a pretty brutal loss at San Jose, then Pete cheers Pat up by saying some hopeful things about the Thorns and then we hope together that we don't get shellacked by slumping Atlanta.  There was a decent riff about people wanting you to be sadder about something bad because it is a faster path to emotional intimacy, but then we realized the recording had cut off, so you'll have to take my word for the fact that it was pretty profound. Tweet at Pat @morrisonicpod or email us at

May 1, 2017

Pete comforts Pat on move-out day by recapping a (mostly?) adequate tie at Dallas, then they do a segment that would have been more effective if Pat could keep StubHub and SeatGeek clear in his addled brain, then finally a rushed preview of stupid San Jose.  Tweet age appropriate dating advice at Pat @morrisonicpod and send validating fan mail to

Apr 26, 2017

Pat calls Pete in Boston to complain about the Blazers, get the 411 on that win against Vancouver (7:30), talk MLS salaries (24:30) and learn a thing or two about this weekend's game against Dallas (34:00)  Give Pat age appropriate dating suggestions @morrisonicpod or

Apr 21, 2017

Pete makes Pat stay late at the office on a sunny Friday because he actually re-watched last weekend's poop fiesta, then some talk about Mallory Pugh, a plug for a book and some delusional Blazers talk.  You paid nothing for this podcast. @morrisonicpod,

Apr 17, 2017

Pat and Pete recap a stupid game against stupid SKC reffed by a stupid ref, then talk a little Thorns (24:30) before previewing what will hopefully be a more watchable game against (often stupid but not as consistently stupid) Vancouver (31:05).

Apr 10, 2017

Pete and Pat recap a 3-1 win against Philadelphia, celebrate what seems like a pretty good new CBA for the USWNT (16:25), talk easter eggs (25:20) and preview a home game against Pat's least favorite team, Sporting KC (28:25)

Apr 3, 2017

Pete & Pat accentuate the positive while discussing a disappointing 1-1 draw against New England, plug Nebraska's preeminent gravel century ride (22:00), talk a little Thorns and USWNT (25:25) and preview next week's game against the Philadelphia Union (29:45)  Tweet at us @morrisonicpod or email us at

Mar 28, 2017

Pat and Pete Skype from their cars to keep a promise, recap Columbus (1:58), share an ad for State Parks (24:30), preview New England (26:30) and share remarkably positive thoughts about Bruce Arena (35:40). Tweet at us @morrisonicpod or email us at

Mar 24, 2017

Pete and & Pat apologize for being off schedule, relive the glory of the Houston game (1:30), rate some supplements (18:10) and preview Columbus (23:00).  Please rate us on iTunes, listen on Overcast and talk to Pat on Twitter @morrisonicpod.  Oh yeah, and email us

Mar 14, 2017

Pete and Pat step out of the rain to recap a glorious (don't you dare say otherwise) 1-0 win against the Galaxy, Pat yells about US Soccer's directive on standing during the national anthem (22:30) and Pete previews this weekend's game against a surprisingly good Houston team (31:05).  Tweet us @morrisonicpod or email

Mar 7, 2017

Pete and Pat celebrate a 5-1 win over mighty Minnesota, Pat issues a bunch of apologies for being dumb (19:40) and then Pete previews this weekend's game against LA (27:45).  Tweet us @morrisonicpod and email  Also go check out this episode of Racist Sandwich

Feb 28, 2017

Pat uses all his brain cells to tell Pete about the game he watched against LA, then Pete rates MLS strikers (9:05), an ad for Xera Plants (19:00), rate all MLS stadia (20:35) and preview the home opener against Minnesota (35:25).  Tweet us @morrisonicpod or email us

Feb 22, 2017

Pat & Pete stay up way past their bedtimes to try to remember something, anything, about last week's match against the Whitecaps, then Pete recaps Porter's appearance on MLS Extratime Radio (8:00) and talks personnel moves around MLS (20:00) and the US U20s (29:00).  Finally Pat ranks MLS primary jerseys (31:50).  Please rate us on iTunes, listen on Overcast, talk to Pat on Twitter @morrisonicpod and email us! 

Feb 14, 2017

Pat and Pete turn out a quick episode to talk about a 2-2 tie against Minnesota, encourage you to become a dues paying member of the 107ist,, (20:00), wonder why anyone wants to listen to Dwight Jaynes say everything sucks (23:15) and finally do the first ever Morrisonic jersey sponsor rankings (30:55)  Please subscribe and rate us on iTunes, listen on Overcast, talk to Pat on Twitter @morrisonicpod and email us at And sign our very reasonable petition at


Feb 12, 2017

Pat and Pete do a quick episode to talk about a preseason match against RSL before they forget what happened.  Surprise! Pat already forgot.

Feb 7, 2017

Pete and Pat dodge a blizzard to talk about an electrifying 1-1 tie vs. Seattle, give a big thank you to Portland's protesters (, talk a bit about MLS expansion and talk about a couple of developments in NWSL.  Rate and subscribe on iTunes, listen on Overcast, tweet at Pat @morrisonicpod and email us at  Sign our petition (

Jan 31, 2017

SIGN OUR PETITION! ( Pat & Pete re-record a lost episode on implicit racial bias, the Timbers' first preseason game (20:15), the almost certain arrival of our mystery winger (34:00) and finally ask you to give some dough to groups protecting people's rights (37:15)!  Subscribe and rate us on iTunes, listen on Overcast and talk to Pat about the world going to hell @morrisonicpod.  Also we have an email address now!  OH AND BY THE WAY SIGN OUR PETITION! (

Jan 20, 2017

Pete and Pat set up in yet another new recording location to make sure any spill over from our Timbros cross over doesn't have to listen to the static-apocalypse that was last week's basement episode.  We do a little draft update (4:50), talk preseason (7:00), discuss implicit racial bias among MLS refs (10:40), say good bye to Melano (18:50) and wrap up with ads for baskets and the Women's March on Saturday (24:00).  Subscribe and rate us on iTunes, listen on Overcast (, talk to Pat on Twitter @morrisonicpod and now we have an email address!

Jan 14, 2017

Pete and Pat meet in Pat's basement (so sorry for the even worse than usual audio quality) to talk about the 2017 schedule, the Timbers moving up in the draft to get Ebosisse (3:15) do some ads for Atlanta stuff including the TV show, Run the Jewels and Whores (28:55), discuss the DP rumor (31:40) and then call it a day.  Tell your friends! Tweet at Pat @morrisonicpod, write us at

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