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A weekly podcast about the Portland Timbers, as well as some other stuff.
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Nov 30, 2017

Pete and Pat get back together in the same room for the first time in a while to basically ramble about nonsense.  This week's episode is brought to you by Portland Community Football Club, which mist assuredly is not nonsense.  Email us at or bother Pat on Twitter @morrisonicpod.

Nov 17, 2017

Caleb Porter is no longer the coach of the Portland Timbers?  In what for world we live? What is this world twisted? Tweet at us @morrisonicpod.

Nov 6, 2017

Pete and Pat come together to unpack a grim loss to Houston that ended our season, then try to turn it around with 3 Things that made us happy this season (40:00).  Email us at or tweet @morrisonicpod.

Oct 31, 2017

Pat and Pete try to make sense of a world without Diego Chara while rationalizing a 0-0 tie and trying to be optimistic about a game in Portland in which fans may be pulled from the stands to play in the midfield.  Email us at or tweet at Pat at @morrisonicpod.

Oct 27, 2017

Pete and Pat discuss the first 4 knock out games (and offer a primer on the playoff structure) and then preview a 2-game playoff series against the Houston Dynamo (30:30).  This episode brought to you by Scottie's Pizza.  Email us at or talk to Pat on Twitter @morrisonicpod.

Oct 24, 2017

Pat and Pete talk about a 2-1 victory over Vancouver, go around MLS with particular focus on THE MASSIVE INJUSTICE BEING DONE TO THE PEOPLE OF COLUMBUS and preview the next game of the playoffs to the extent that is possible.  Email us at or talk to Pat on twitter @morrisonicpod.

Oct 16, 2017

Pat and Pete cover THE THORNS WINNING THE NWSL!!!!, touch briefly on Grandpa Bruce's legacy (9:00), encourage y'all to visit the Gorge (12:40), discuss the Timbers skinning DC United (16:15) and preview a game for all the marbles against Vancouver (36:30).  Email us at or tweet us @morrisonicpod.    

Oct 11, 2017

Pat is back in the country and misery loves company!  Pete joins in a recap of USMNT laying a big egg in Trinidad (or was it Tobago?), then a discussion of equal pay (22:45), then some Thorns playoff talk (33:30) and finally a rushed preview of Sunday's game against DC United (40:00).  Tweet @morrisonicpod or email

Oct 3, 2017

Pat calls Pete from Brazil on a terrible connection with lousy headphones to recap San Jose (1:30), talk some MLS (21:15), give praise to the Thorns (30:55) and then Pete answers some listener mail by picking a Best 11 with weird rules. @morrisonicpod

Sep 27, 2017

Pete and Pat re-record a pod that they already did and lost the night before, but it doesn't matter after a convincing 3-0 win over Orlando City at home (2:20), talk playoffs (15:10) then talk MLS (21:15) and NWSL (33:40), do an ad for @that1polly (43:40) then preview San Jose (44:30) and finally answer some listener questions (52:55)!  Tweet us more questions @morrisonicpod or email us

Sep 18, 2017

It's raining!  Thanks be to the deity of your choice!  Pete and Pat celebrate by trying to not overreact to a loss at RSL (2:00), putting a plug in for the less-on-fir-Gorge(19:27), talking random MLS stuff(22:00) and previewing this weekend's game against Orlando(36:10).  Tweet Pat @morrisonicpod or email us (let's be honest it's still just Pat) at

Sep 12, 2017

Pat has to get on a plane in two minutes so figure it out yourself. @morrisonicpod


Sep 7, 2017

Pat and Pete choke back some Gorge-related tears to preview a game at NYCFC on the tiny rhombus.  There is also some other random back and forth.  Give money to help support firefighters and restore the Gorge when this is all over ( Email us at or talk to Pat @morrisonicpod.

Aug 29, 2017

Pat and Pete are back in the office to celebrate a 1-1 tie in Seattle, talk Thorns roster moves and talk about Dallas and LA falling apart.  Tweet at Pat @morrisonicpod and email us at

Aug 25, 2017

Pat calls Pete at his mountain retreat to see all the positive news in a 2-1 victory over Colorado (2:00), then they apologize for mispronouncing a player's name for 2/3 of a season (21:05), do an ad for Dean's Car Care and the new Queens of the Stone Age album (22:50) and preview this weekend's game against stupid Seattle (24:00).  Tell Pat what else he has been doing wrong @morrisonicpod or

Aug 21, 2017

Pat and Pete reconvene in the backyard of Morrisonic Manor to recap a 2-0 win over NY Red Bull(s) (2:30), do an ad for cyclocross (21:45), talk a little more about Vox/SB Nation (24:45), preview a game against Colorado (31:30) and spit on the radio grave of Dino Costa (43:00). Tweet at Pat @morrisonicpod and email us at

Aug 15, 2017

Pete and Pat come try to stay positive about a not-as-catastrophic-as-everyone-thinks 4-1 loss at Toronto, talk for a while about an SB nation article and do the world's fastest preview of NY Red Bull at home. Tweet at @morrisonicpod and email us at


Aug 8, 2017

Pat is sick.  Pete does basically the whole podcast.  Thanks Pete.

Aug 1, 2017

Pete makes a pit stop in Pat's back yard to recap the game against Vancouver two weeks ago (4:00), a tie in Houston (17:20) then mumble about MLS transfers and finish by previewing this weekend's game against LA (41:55) and do a quick ad for Dove Lewis Pet Hospital.  Tweet at us @morrisonicpod, email us at

Jul 20, 2017

Pete's back, sort of! We talk about the crap fiesta at Civic Stadium last night but we try (try!) to not be too negative, and then talk about an away game at Vancouver.   No fake ad.  Good vibes for Arlo.  

Jul 18, 2017

Roscoe and Dan from the Timbros join Pat on his back deck for a Pete-less 2 hour ramble about RSL, Porter in or out and a bunch of other non-soccer related stuff.  Pat cut a ~20 minute section on internet dating because after the mics were off, Roscoe convinced him he was wrong  THERE IS UNBLEEPED SWEARING SO HIDE YOUR KIDS! 

Jul 6, 2017

Pete made Pat come into the office right after the game so he could share his anger over a stolen victory.  Pat tried to stay awake because Pat keeps farmer's hours. @morrisonicpod

Jul 3, 2017

Pete and Pat celebrate America by insisting that was a good result in Kansas City, then Pat recommends Portland Drama Club, they do some news around MLS and finish by previewing Wednesday's home match against a very good Chicago team.  Follow us @morrisonicpod or email us at

Jun 27, 2017

Pat calls Pete to talk about his man Asprilla's electric performance in an otherwise pretty miserable 2-2 tie against the stupid Sounders, then talk kitten season and then do a half-hearted, late-night, Pete-is-on-a-business-trip kind of half ass preview that SKC deserves.  Call your Senators if you live in a state that matters and tell them to act like goddamn human beings for once in their miserable lives. @morrisonicpod

Jun 22, 2017

Holy cow it is hot in this office.  Pat and Pete recap a TERRIBLE game at Minnesota, try to get to the bottom of this dang stadium expansion deal (23:455) and mostly just talk in circles because this is a terrible topic for a quick-hit podcast and then try to manufacture some enthusiasm for the upcoming hack-fiesta against Seattle (38.10) that will almost certainly hinge on some questionable reffing decisions .  Bring on the NBA draft!!!!!

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