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A weekly podcast about the Portland Timbers, as well as some other stuff.
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May 19, 2016

Pat & Pete try to muster some positivity about NYCFC and the upcoming Vancouver game, a little salary talk and then Pat does a convoluted ad/joke about redirecting asteroids (  Subscribe and rate us on iTunes. Listen on Overcast. Follow us on Twitter @morrisonicpod.

May 12, 2016

Pat tries to cheer Pete up by talking about the Blazers, but it doesn't work, so we recap the game in Dallas and look forward to playing the always hilarious NYCFC.  Also, Pat plugs another podcast, this time focusing on behavioral economics and poverty reduction programs( We promise it's funny. Subscribe and rate us on iTunes.  Listen on Overcast.  Follow us on Twitter @morrisonicpod.

May 10, 2016

Pat tries to make sense of the world after Steph Curry goes atomic fireball on the Blazers, then we (mostly Pete, let's be honest) recap a 2-1 loss to Vancouver and preview a mid-week game at Dallas.  Finally, after Willamette Week of all places says nice things about the City's revenues from the stadium, Ask a Fake Lawyer goes back in timeand reviews the agreement that made it all possible.  All that plus a fake ad for a podcast about dark matter!!!  Subscribe and rate us on iTunes, listen on Overcast, follow us on Twitter @morrisonicpod.

May 3, 2016

Pat & Pete brave the local heat wave to review Toronto, preview Vancouver and do a fake ad for an absolutely disgusting brand of soda inexplicably beloved by expatriate Mainers arounds the world.  I guess you can tell which of us is responsible for uploading episodes.  Subscribe and rate us on iTunes, listen on Overcast, follow on Twitter @morrisonicpod.  

Apr 28, 2016

Pat rouses Pete from his sick bed (sorry Pete) to review the MLS suckfest that is a Wednesday game at Foxborough, preview Toronto and spend some time talking about MLS expanding to a bzillion franchises!  Review and subscribe on iTunes and then listen to us on Overcast!  Follow us on twitter @morrisonicpod!

Apr 25, 2016

Pat & Pete record a short one in which we preview the game Wednesday against New England and then . . . well, pretty much kill ten minutes before signing off.  Subscribe on iTunes.  Follow us on Twitter @morrisonicpod.

Apr 21, 2016

Pat returns from a bout of Black Death to have Pete tell him what the hell happened this week.  Rate us on iTunes, listen to us on Overcast, follow @morrisonicpod on Twitter.

Apr 11, 2016

Please don't be mad at all Dutch people for what happened in LA.  Pat & Pete review the game, complain about MLS, preview Wednesday's game with Dallas and use statistics to tell us what our hearts already know, that Rodney should never have left.  Write us a review on iTunes.  Tweet us @morrisonicpod.  

Apr 5, 2016

Pat & Pete dry their tears and recap Orlando, then preview LA.  Then, at the 20 minute mark, Ask a Fake Lawyer returns to go over the ongoing dispute between the US Women's National Team players and US Soccer.  This week's episode fake brought to you by Street Roots.  Follow us on twitter @morrisonicpod.  Write us a review on iTunes.  Listen to us on Overcast!

Mar 29, 2016

Pat & Pete come back from vacation to complain about the new bag policy at Providence Park, preview Orlando, decide whether we love Nagbe more than we hate Klinsmann (answer: Nagbe) and have a longish conversation about what's wrong with youth soccer (answer: Klinsmann).  Like us on iTunes.  Follow @morrisonic on Twitter.

Mar 24, 2016

Pat & Pete interrupt their respective spring breaks to talk about the RSL game for waaaaaaay longer than usual.  Pete does some stats work on game stoppage and who is ending possessions for the Timbers.  Pete worries about Lucas while Pat is already excited about Maddox.  Follow us #morrisonicpod.  Write us a review on iTunes.

Mar 14, 2016

Pete & Pat try to recover from a very MLS-y loss in San Jose, preview always-dangerous-even-if-currently-mediocre RSL, do an ad for a survey about superfund cleanup in Portland Harbor, cover some statistics on opening month form and its correlation to final position AND start what is going to be a long ongoing conversation on US Soccer's mismanagement of the women's game.  All licks will be tweeted @morrisonicpod.  Follow us, fools!!!! 

Mar 8, 2016

Pat & Pete bask in the glow of a home opener win over Columbus, look forward to a potential rock fight at San Jose, spend some more time with the schedule and take a first stab at explaining the roster rules.  Program note: Pat decides after 10 boring minutes discussing the roster rules that this is a topic best spread out over multiple episodes and basically bails on the segment.  Learning!  Follow us @morrisonicpod!

Mar 2, 2016

Pat & Pete reconvene to try to draw some meaning from preseason, look over the schedule for the season, run through the starting line up and say mean things about Darren Mattocks! All that plus the world's most Portland-y endorsement for local Mayoral candidate and season ticket holder Jules Bailey.  Also we have a new Eurotrash theme song!! Follow us @morrisonicpod!

Feb 23, 2016

Pete comes back to town to listen to Pat yell about the Blazers win over Golden State, we re-cap the game against Minnesota and express some rare sympathy for Seattle.  Sorry about the audio quality, especially the last two minutes - it's all Pat's fault and he swears he is working on it. Follow us on @morrisonicpod.

Feb 13, 2016

Pat & Pete discuss the two friendlies, Pat plays make-believe lawyer again PLUS a fake ad for our favorite neighbors Beermongers!  Also Skippy-gate! Follow us @morrisonicpod

Feb 6, 2016

Pat & Pete survive some audio difficulties to huddle around a single microphone and talk about the game against Houston, macroeconomic trends' effects on MLS and Pat tries to do a bit bout the newly released collective bargaining agreement.  Follow us @morrisonicpod.

Feb 4, 2016

Pete and Pat get started podcasting about the Timbers and the other stuff.  We also learn to not leave our cell phones on the desk while recording, so sorry about the last two minutes or so.  Also, Everton beats Newcastle 3-0 in the bar downstairs.  We don't talk about that game, but there is some mysterious cheering throughout the podcast that needed some explaining.

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